curvingagedelight said: What's going on - Just wanted to say awesome blog! I may use some of your content later if that is OK. New follower. I just started with tumblr, can you help me by following me?

Thank you! And go for it!! :)

laughwithoutstopping-deactivate said: Where did u get ur Croatian iPhone case? I LOVE IT. Do u live in the us or?

Amazon and yeah I live in the US

dafsadfsafsf-deactivated2012080 said: I love your pedis!!


irongymusca said: Hey - nice blog! Hope you don't mind if I use some of your content, they're great. New follower, can you please follow me back?

Go for it!

Anonymous said: I want your feet on my face.

hahhaha awkward!

teef8-deactivated20121007 said: hey! can u make a sign " teef8" on your feet please? :)

in a week remind me! :)

openyoureyes420 said: Your feet are gorgeous :D Will you do a picture of the bottoms of dem? xD

lol thanks… i dunno, maybe one day! hahah

Anonymous said: Hey your feet are gorgeous you got skype? xx

thanks! and i dont use it